Algorithmic Trip Planning (Part 2)

My next trip is an adventure to the Middle East, prompted by a fare drop by Turkish Airlines. San Francisco to Istanbul via Turkish is a new route and fares were quite good relative to historical data (along with other … Continued

Python constants to arguments

A quick snippet to convert any primitive type constant in a Python main module to program arguments. E.g., if I have with FEATURE_SELECTION = True NUMBER_OF_ROWS = 100   def main(): # rest of program and I want to … Continued

Algorithmic trip planning

I write this in Singapore, city number three in a ten city voyage obtained via brute force enumeration of route permutations for a set of cities I desired to visit in Southeast Asia. I ended up purchasing 11 one-way tickets, … Continued

Foo/bar decreases readability

I think using foo or bar in code snippets is detrimental when visually parsing the code–especially when the syntax is unfamiliar. For example, I was browsing through some php code samples to find this: foreach ($bar as $foo) { // … Continued

Latex IEEE bibliography error

The IEEE Latex format is a nightmare to work with. Nothing new there. One problem I had was using the IEEE template with bibliography that had worked for other conference styles. Now all I get is a cryptic error: Latex: … Continued